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Prayer is a yearning of the heart to connect and commune
with the love, wisdom, beauty, safety, peace, strength, and
all the forces, beings, and higher powers that inhabit
the vast universe that surrounds us.

WaterPrayer is a spiritual exercise, designed to complement existing spirituality and prayer, no matter what your religious or spiritual orientation may be.. The pioneering work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, current research on prayer, and the sacred rituals of both ancient and modern spiritual traditions have shown us that prayers and blessings can make significant changes in the physical world. Water, in particular, is able to embrace the life-affirming qualities of energy directed into it by our thoughts and prayers.

The WaterPrayer Glassware has been designed to assist you in the spiritual exercise of bringing the energies of Trust, Acceptance, Understanding, and Love more deeply into your heart, mind, and body by imbuing those qualities into water and drinking it in an act of communion and prayer.

Many spiritual disciplines use objects or substances as representations or 'carriers' of prayer, intention, and symbolism. The WaterPrayer Process allows us to use pure water as such a ‘carrier’ of prayer that can help awaken those spiritual qualities within us. WaterPrayer will help you ‘make your prayers a physical reality’ and bring them inside you in a deeper way than you have experienced before.





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