Meditation is a ‘mind and body’ practice that has been practiced in various forms and by various individuals and groups for thousands of years. Recently the subject of greater research, study and examination, it has been proven to have very real health benefits on things like high blood pressure, certain psychological disorders and pain. It has been proven to literally ‘change the brain,’ by creating conditions where by our own, innate and instinctive healing abilities come into play to change neural circuitry patterns and connections.

An overview on meditation is available on a website sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health here.

Mindfulness is a form of perception and ‘being’ that is fostered by meditation. Mindfulness involves being more aware, on a moment-by-moment basis, of our subjective conscious experience. In basic terms, mindfulness is an ability to be witness to ourselves, events, people and situations around usĀ not in a detached way but in a way that deepens our understanding, our capacities for being less reactive when we have histories of trauma, and in a way that fosters greater authentic (honest) engagement and participation.

More on mindfulness can be found here.

We use the WaterPrayer glasses as a way of focusing our consciousness on four different and inter-dependent qualities of being: Trust, Acceptance, Love and Understanding.

Follow our simple steps to meditate on these qualities to help them deepen your life, your prayers, and your experiences and capacities for growth!