WaterPrayer is intended to offer a process, structure and discipline for developing innate capacities that offer us the opportunity to experience the world, people and situations around us in deeper, healthier and more meaningful ways.

We use four glasses that have been etched with four qualities that are intended to help us focus our thoughts, feelings and experiences on capacities we each embody, but often want to deepen and grow.

Trust is an important foundation to experiencing not just the world around us, but also ourselves. It is often true that we are raised to not trust our own abilities, intuitive capacities, talents and skills. Meditating on Trust offers the chance to develop a stronger degree of trust inside ourselves, permitting more conscious interactions with the world and a more authentic, honest response. To read more and start the process of meditating on Trust, please go here.

Acceptance does not mean approval, but if we don’t accept the reality of something or someone we will struggle to have an effective ability to see them for what they are and to respond, engage and interact in healthy and productive ways. To read more and start the process of meditating on Acceptance, please go here.

Love in the WaterPrayer process is not a romantic feeling, but a condition of nonjudgmental appreciation and emotional response. It is a form of spiritual generosity (which is evident in many religions, but is not a religious form of caring). Nonjudgmental love represents an ability to feel a greater emotional connection with people, places and events around us that is based on appreciation for what they are, not what we wish them to be. To read more and start the process of meditating on Love, please go here.

Understanding is a culmination of developing or using these capacities in ourselves: to Trust that we can grow and are the source of safety and meaning through ourselves and our connections; to Accept things for what they are, rather than what we wish they would be; and to develop the capacity to express nonjudgmental Love as a way of affirming the intrinsic value of people, events and things, even if we do not share values or agree with them or their actions. Understanding permits a deeper, authentic and honest experience of life, people, events and places around us–and conditions and situations inside us. To read more and start the process of meditating on Understanding, please go here.