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WaterPrayer Glass Set


The WaterPrayer Meditation Glass set consists of 4 12-oz. glass tumblers etched with four different words and accompanying symbols. These glasses are intended to be used as an object focus of meditation, using a mode of prayer that is intended to cultivate an understanding of how we can change our lives through secular prayer.



This set of four WaterPrayer meditation glasses includes the high quality low-ball glasses etched with the following qualities

  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Understanding

What do these mean?

Trust is an important starting point, because to be open to the benefits of meditation you must learn to ‘trust’ it as a process. What does trust mean? It simply means that you have faith that it is going to be a positive and productive process.

Acceptance is an important condition where, based on the trust you have cultivated in the process, you are able to receive the benefits of insights and a deepened experience through the meditation process.

Love is an important expression of our deepest, innermost positive emotions. The ‘love’ we are speaking of is not a romantic love, but more a type of unconditional appreciation and celebration of the people, environment, conditions and experiences in our lives. It is less important ‘to’ love than to feel love, and to let those feelings manifest in your life.

Understanding comes through the process of trust, acceptance, and love: cultivating these capacities within ourselves means that we gain new insights and understanding about our lives, the people in them, and what we do with ourselves as we grow and change.

Additional information

Weight 3.26 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 4.5 in