WaterPrayerTM is a process of meditation and prayer, seeking to expand on four basic capacities and gratitude for their presence and growth in our lives. 

The health benefits of meditation are well documented (more here), and can be used in many ways to experience deeper aspects of ourselves, our relationships and our spirituality.

Gratitude is a quality of being thankful, aware of what we have been given and what we have available to give. Gratitude transcends material things, and is an acknowledgment of having a relationship to both the source of the things we receive and those things and persons we give to.

We can be grateful for many things: our Earth, our family and friends, our spiritual and/or religious experiences, air, food and water, etc. Because we have the capacities of trust, acceptance, love and understanding, we can also be grateful for having those capacities — and seek to expand on those capacities in ourselves.

Prayer is a form of meditation and a way of seeking to enhance our capacities in these and other areas. Here, prayer is not a way of asking for something; it is more a way to hold open the awareness of these capacities and meditating on how those capacities can be more fully developed and expressed. These WaterPrayer glasses can be used as a focus of meditation. Adding water to them is a way of acknowledging the fact that water is fundamental to life here on Earth; after all, 70% of both our planet’s surface and our physical bodies is water! Filling these glasses with water, praying while meditating on each of the qualities in turn that the develop more fully in us, and embracing gratitude for these experiences is a way of enriching our lives and those whose lives we touch.

Let’s learn about getting started and cultivating Gratitude in our lives, as well as deepening our capacities for Trust, Acceptance, Love and Understanding!


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